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Inspired by the effect “Bang On” created by Marc Oberon, Lynx Wallet is the only device that allows the magician to remove any freely named card from a single envelope, both from the inside of one wallet, in the most clean conditions.

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Imagine showing a wallet containing one envelope with only one playing card inside. Next, the magician can let the spectators to make sure that is the only envelope inside the wallet. Then an audience member is asked to name any card (no force) and instantly the magician removes the envelope from the wallet that is in full view since the beginning, showing that the prediction matches the freely named card.

This amazing prop can be combined with very different routines, both in Close Up or Stage performances.

Lynx Wallet is a premium product that allows you to:

▪    Predict any playing card. Have any named card to wallet effect with only one wallet involved.

▪    Perform the routine with the wallet in full view since the beginning.

▪    Let your spectators examine both the envelope and the wallet.

▪    Find the spectators card without using any elimination process or magician choice.

▪    Use the wallet for everyday use.

▪    Instant reset.

▪    Predict any card without stooges or pre-show work.

▪    Have a killer magic effect, very easy to perform.

Lynx Wallet comes complete with  a custom made leather wallet, with full accessories and explanations shot in high definition explaining different professional routines.


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