The Movie


Gee Magic and Mário Daniel bring you “The Movie”, a magic trick that your audience won´t forget.



The magician shows a case with a virgin dvd inside and asks the spectator to sign it. Then he shows his collection of cinema tickets containing his favourite movies of all time. The spectator chooses one and when the magician opens the case, magically the dvd appears with the label sticker on it, with the chosen movie on the signed dvd.

The final kicker is when the magician puts the dvd back in the case (after the spectator examination) he says that he likes to have his dvds with the original cover and the case appears with the chosen movie printed.

“The Movie” comes complete with all the gimmicks that you need to perform it. It is extremely easy to do, everything is 100% examinable and you can do it in closeup or stage work.


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