No Box


Created by Gonçalo Gil in a co invention and development with Macgimmick, “No Box” is coming to revolutionise the “Card to impossible location” plot. This special gimmick will allow you to make a signed card appear in any place, only limited by your imagination.



The magician introduces two cards by saying that they will be important in a few moments – he can put them on the table – then he says that there are 2 ways to pick cards: one of them by chance (that should be putted face down on the table) and the other can be chosen (this second card is signed). The signed card is given to the spectator and magically vanishes.

The magician picks up one of the cards and it is the matching card, chosen by chance. The final climax is that the other card, that it was in full view since the beginning, is the spectator’ signed card.


You are not limited by “Card to impossible location”. You can use “No box” gimmick to different effects such as: Signed Cards transposition, Cards Across or Card through table.


  • Everything can be examinable
  • The cards can be given to your spectators as a souvenir
  • You can apply the gimmick to different locations / objects
  • No black art
  • No pre show work
  • No Boxes

No Box – Promo Video

No Box – Full Performance

No Box – Card Through Glass




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