Hands Free Prediction


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Gee Magic brings you Hands Free Prediction, a magic trick that will fool both laymen and magicians alike.



The magician shows a deck of cards, being all different and in random order.

Then, the magician takes an envelope that contains a prediction and places it in full view on the table.

Next he hands the deck to a spectator and asks him to deal the cards, one by one, face up on the table, and to stop whenever he wants to (no force).

Incredibly the card that the spectator stopped at matches the prediction that is inside the envelope since the very beginning.

Keep in mind

▪    It uses regular cards.

▪    The envelope is immediately shown empty after the prediction is removed.

▪    Completely free choice (the spectator stops at any card).

▪    No switching of the envelope

▪    No switching of cards.

▪    The magician never touches the deck.

▪    Instant reset

▪    Very easy to perform.

Hands Free Prediction comes complete with the custom made gimmicks, full accessories and instructional video shot in high definition explaining different professional routines, with the working professional close-up magician in mind.

1 review for Hands Free Prediction

  1. José Marques Antunes

    If we have a pack of cards and an envelope we are always ready . One of my favorite effects. Congratulations! 😉

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